Instruments and kits

Portative organ kit after a painting of Memling

The portative, also called organetto, hat its main time in the
Medieval and the Early Renaissance.

A famous player was Landini, Conrad Paumann is also shown
with portative on his epitaph in Munich.

There are a lot of possibilites to use it: as solo instrument,
in ensembles and to accompany the singing of the player.

This kit was designe after the numerous paintings Memling
has made from portative organs.

The compass is c'-c''' without c'sharp and d' sharp.
The instrument weighs about 10 kg.
All visible wooden parts are made from genuine
oak from the 16th century.

The keys are made from woods like lilac, peach etc.
For the pipes you can choose between 75% tin or
an alloy containing mostly lead.

As the pipes are always made to order please
allow c. 6 weeks for delivery.

The kits contains material for a bellows like a forge would use,
If you prefer a fold bellows   this can be made to order.
Please allow c. 4 weeks for delivery. Price upon request.

Curved cornetti by Paolo Fanciullacci

These instruments are among the finest available.
Perfectly handcrafted and very good responding

Straight cornetti by Stefan Beck

after a late baroque model of Pauly made of three parts.
These instruments can also be played by musicians who have problems with fingering most other cornetti.
Available in different woods.